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We carry several types of pillow products.


We also make CUSTOM Cushions. Click here to view.

You can expect traditional, durable products
along with the very newest in technology and fabrics.


Talalay latex is one of the only pillow technologies that can naturally create different firmness levels based on the amount of latex placed into the mold, pin size and pin spacing.

Our classic latex pillows are available in soft, medium and firm comfort ranges and can be positioned for any sleeping style.

Soft is an ideal feel for stomach sleepers (or “pillow scrunchers”); medium for back sleepers; and firm for side sleepers.


We carry a wide spectrum of pillows and brands. Feel free to come into our store and choose your perfect pillow.

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We make all sorts of custom cushions.These are extremely popular with RVs, vans, and other types of travel motors. Below, find a sample of our latest to-spec creation. For more custom creations for RVs, vans, motor homes, and other types of travel motors, click here.