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We carry a variety of adjustable beds to fit your sleep comfort needs.

2bdsHow do you choose? Come in and try one out, then chat with us about what you need. Our adjustable bed experts will help you choose the one that is just right for your sleep needs.

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Memory Foam Mattresses, Pillows, and Toppers

 Memory Foam2

We offer memory foam in the form of toppers, overlays, mattresses, pillows and other custom products! 

Please stop in to see them, or call to inquire.



A dynamic combination – add a memory foam topper to your latex mattress!
The best of both worlds!

  • Naturally conforming pressure relief, but with a slow-recovery feel!
  • Slowly cradles the body without the dense sinking, cave-like feel of visco-elastic foam.
  • Progressive recovery:  Returns to its original shape faster than visco to eliminate “cratering.”
  • Reduced motion transfer.



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We run many special offers that are not listed on the website nor on our online store. AND - we may suggest a product that is a better fit for you - even at a lower price.

This is especially important when purchasing an adjustable bed. With the many factors and features to consider, and the cost - it's good to give us a call. We are easy to talk to.