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Custom R.V., Motor Home, Travel Trailer Mattresses

It's Recreational Vehicle Time! We'll help you get your Motor Home Mattress CornerTHMattress ready!

We are experts at making truly COMFORTABLE travel trailer mattresses. We'll measure carefully for the correct size. We can do cut-outs and cut-ins. We'll contour your RV mattress to fit the space. We even make FLIP UP R. V. mattresses! Call us now at 405-235-1142 for more information. (Click on mattress image for enlargement.)

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Custom R.V., Motor Home, Travel Trailer Mattresses

msh mg 3067



msh mg 3067 Our decades of experience manufacturing the perfect Recreational Vehicle custom mattress will ensure it's proper fit and wonderful comfort.

People ask us: "What can you do? What do you have?"
Our answer: "What do you want? We'll do it for you!"

From cut-outs / cut-ins, to special contours, to flip up, to ANY type of special shape, depth, and material - OK Mattress Company will make you the perfect bed for your travel sleep comfort.

Why put up with uncomfortable mattresses after investing so much in your own motor home? There's just no reason to do that when the solution is so easy, affordable, and perfect!

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Mattress Insideview

NOTE: In the image above, notice that the mattresses have a Cut-out / Cut-in corner, they are the exact width and length, and they have BAMBOO coverings. These are TOP quality mattresses so you can get TOP quality sleep on your road trip.

Mattress CornerCloseup

Our mattress Cut-outs / Cut-ins are the EXACT measurement of your vehicle's space.

Mattress Inside2

You can see in the image above, exactly how carefully we size the mattresses.
BUT - remember, they are all CUSTOMIZED to your sleep needs.
Want them of a specific material? Want a specific thickness? Want a specific covering? Specific bedding to fit?

We do that for you!

Mattress Shop 

Pictured above is the actual mattress with the Cut-out /Cut-in. This is custom-made in our manufacturing shop, to be placed in the travel trailer.