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Custom R.V., Motor Home, Travel Trailer Mattresses

It's Recreational Vehicle Time! We'll help you get your Motor Home Mattress CornerTHMattress ready!

We are experts at making truly COMFORTABLE travel trailer mattresses. We'll measure carefully for the correct size. We can do cut-outs and cut-ins. We'll contour your RV mattress to fit the space. We even make FLIP UP R. V. mattresses! Call us now at 405-235-1142 for more information. (Click on mattress image for enlargement.)

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Latex: Talalay Mattresses




Latex International is the premier supplier of latex mattress products and services to the bedding industry. Their innovative products and services have helped the nation’s leading manufacturers grow the latex bedding category over 70% in the last two years alone. They provide the advanced support services, world class quality products and innovative ideas that ensure your best rest.


Talalay latex is naturally crafted from the milk of the tropical rubber tree. It is environmentally friendly, instantly conforms to body shape, provides superior support and pressure relief, and helps relieve tossing and turning during sleep. This latex is antimicrobial, and dust mite/mildew resistant with a breathable cell structure. It will not break down, never needs turning or flipping, and provides a consistent feel from top to bottom and head to toe.


Talalay is manufactured for any size, length, and width of mattresses.



Latex is different from memory foam. It is made from a rubber-based product versus “memory” or visco-elastic foam which is derived from plastics. Latex also provides “instantaneous recovery” while it contours and supports any body movement. Memory foam provides “slow recovery.” And, with memory foam, the sleeper must wait for their body temperature to soften the foam prior to getting the true contouring support that they would experience immediately with latex.


Instant Recovery Latex Foam vs. Slow Recovery Memory Foam


Talalay Latex Mattress Cores

  • The ultimate in luxurious feel, support and pressure relief.
  • The finest quality and most consistent cell structure for a uniform feel from top to bottom.
  • Available in all standard mattress sizes with the industry’s widest firmness range from super plush to extra firm (ILD’s 14-44).
  • Held to the world’s tightest tolerances to eliminate variability in firmness and feel from core to core.

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100% Talalay latex mattresses: 6", 8" or 10". Prices start at $799 and run to $2500, depending upon size and type of mattress. These are made to YOUR specifications.





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We run many special offers that are not listed on the website nor on our online store. AND - we may suggest a product that is a better fit for you - even at a lower price.

This is especially important when purchasing an adjustable bed. With the many factors and features to consider, and the cost - it's good to give us a call. We are easy to talk to.