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Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing delays in manufacturing availability, pricing increases, and shipping delays.

To help you have a smoother ordering experience, please CALL us to place an order. In that way, we can tell you the availability and most current price.

Additionally, delivery is now limited to the continental USA.

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Oklahoma Mattress is known in Oklahoma for being the "go to" company.

Did you know that if a local furniture store, mattress company, or other retail store cannot provide a specific mattress for a client, they send them to us!
Our custom products fit YOUR comfort needs!


About Us - Our History


Since 1913, we have been a symbol of quality and workmanship in the mattress industry. Several generations of satisfied customers, both individual and commercial, attest to the top-notch structure and durable comfort offered by our custom mattress sets.

James E. (“Jim”) Hunter is only the fourth owner of the company since its inception in 1913, and has worked in the industry since 1973. Clients, business associates, co-workers, and customers all agree that they would be hard-pressed to find anyone in this area who knows the mattress business as well as he does!

Oklahoma Mattress Company will deliver your order for a minimal fee, and will be happy to dispose of your previous bedding at no extra charge. We also ship our products anywhere in the country.

It makes sense to purchase a high quality product, and even more sense to shop around for a good buy. So be sure and talk to us before you make a final decision on the purchase of a new mattress set. You’ll be glad you did!

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It makes sense to purchase a high quality product, and even more sense to shop around for a good buy. 

Come in to our store - lay on the beds, try the adjustable beds out for size, and examine the different Talalay products! 

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Our Special Latex


Custom - Of Course!!

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We can customize any of our products to fit your needs. From pillows to mattresses, we offer a full selection of quality sleep products.

From soft to firm; bed frames to innersprings.