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We make mattresses of all shapes, sizes, and lengths. Most of our clients prefer Talalay latex its comfort and durability, although we also can use other materials such visco-elastic (“memory foam”) or other foam products.

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Our innerspring mattresses are handmade, with all natural cotton fiber. To read more about them, click here.



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We can build a mattress according to custom specifications, and are one of the few places you will find that can! This includes mattresses for antique beds, recreational vehicles, boats, mattresses for sofa sleepers, baby beds, trundles, and waterbed conversions.




We make all comfort levels of innerspring mattresses, anywhere from gentle firm to extra firm – in any size, any shape, any length, and any type of custom work required. Our innerspring mattresses are made with 100% cotton, which will outlast even the tempered steel spring unit! Our mattresses are also hand-tufted the old-fashioned way, which allows us to add even more cotton to permanently remove any unsightly indentations.




Foundation options include box springs, semi-flexes, modulars, or all wood units. Box springs for any special sized sets are made by hand, by us, using a coil-on-coil construction process. Why? Because the bed then feels more the way you want it to feel! It will also better support the mattress and thus increase its life (similar to better shocks on the front of your car; it cushions your mattress).

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Pressure sensitive memory foam products such as pillows or mattress toppers can be very helpful for those suffering from back or neck pain, bursitis, arthritis, or other joint-related problems. We use both four- and five-pound density products. Did you know that memory foam is affected by your body temperature? The five-pound density is more expensive but provides firmer support; however, may be too hard in cold temperatures. The four-pound density has a greater sensitivity to temperature and is more pliable, but may lack some of the extra support you need. We suggest that you come to the shop and try out each density to see which one is right for you!




We offer memory foam as toppers, overlays, mattresses, pillows, and also custom products. For more information, click here.






We carry all sizes of steel frames.







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Custom - Of Course!!

customSpecial Orders:
We can customize any of our products to fit your needs. From pillows to mattresses, we offer a full selection of quality sleep products.

From soft to firm; bed frames to innersprings.