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Custom R.V., Motor Home, Travel Trailer Mattresses

It's Recreational Vehicle Time! We'll help you get your Motor Home Mattress CornerTHMattress ready!

We are experts at making truly COMFORTABLE travel trailer mattresses. We'll measure carefully for the correct size. We can do cut-outs and cut-ins. We'll contour your RV mattress to fit the space. We even make FLIP UP R. V. mattresses! Call us now at 405-235-1142 for more information. (Click on mattress image for enlargement.)

When you call us, use this code: WJAN for our current website special.

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Oklahoma Mattress Co. 405-235-1142

adjustable bed

915 NW 4th. OKC, OK 73106

If you need an electric adjustable bed, we are your "go to" place!

We make all types of adjustable beds with beautiful, luxurious foundations with support and comfort...
as YOU LIKE it.


Warranties for Adjustable Beds

We offer the very best warranties that are available for adjustable beds! $79 per base! Features a 10 year warranty on adjustable bases!

Electric Adjustable Beds Overview


We carry a variety of adjustable beds to fit your sleep comfort needs.

How do you choose? Come in and try one out, then chat with us about what you need. Our adjustable bed experts will help you choose the one that is just right for your sleep needs.





We carry the Quest series of Ergomotion adjustable bed bases. These are highly affordable and range from the Quest 1 with only the head rise, to the Quest 2 with both head and feet rise, to the voice activated Quest 2.5.




You'll find these in our online store.

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S-CAPE MODEL WALL-HUGGER 2.0 and 2.0+: The wall-hugging action of our S-Cape electric adjustable bed helps you to save valuable space in your bedroom and also keeps your upper body in the correct position relative to your night stand.

THE PRODIGY 2.0 and 2.0+: Sophisticated and luxurious, the Prodigy has redefined the modern bedroom!  It provides customizable comfort and adds a new level of comfort and convenience to your life.  

THE FALCON 2.0+: With a host of advanced comfort and safety features, the Falcon 2.0 + adjustable bed base is the perfect solution for any bedroom. Use the wireless remote or download the free app to find the perfect comfort position.




split nickel i rise

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We carry Split Nickel's iAdjust Comfort Bases. The foundation of the program is their lift base. They offer higher weight limits, quality components, strong motors, and excellent warranties. Their factory is medically-based and offers products built to high overall specifications. You can be confident in the performance of their products.

For the Best Product at the BEST Price: Call Us.

We run many special offers that are not listed on the website nor on our online store. AND - we may suggest a product that is a better fit for you - even at a lower price.

This is especially important when purchasing an adjustable bed. With the many factors and features to consider, and the cost - it's good to give us a call. We are easy to talk to.